Dental Implants: Replace Missing Teeth and Support Bone Structure

How can dental implants support facial bone structure?


Teeth loss has become a more common occurrence as the average age of our population increases. Unfortunately, losing teeth affects our facial bone structure, as bone around a missing tooth tends to deteriorate. It is always best to keep our natural teeth for as long as possible but regrettably, teeth do get lost, and it does affect our appearance. Dental implants can make all the difference.

A missing tooth affects the facial bone

When a tooth falls out on its own accord, or is removed because trauma or health reasons, the underlying bone does not need to give support to the pressure that comes from chewing. This pressure offers healthy stimulation that keeps the bone strong and healthy. Going ahead with a dental implant installation means it will provide the jaw bone with the stimulation it needs and will also help to maintain the bone that is still there.

A dental implant mimics a real tooth

A dental implant acts in a similar way to a real tooth. Every tooth in the mouth has a specific role and the loss of only one tooth can have a great effect on your bite and your ability to chew. If a missing tooth is replaced it helps to keep the dental arch structure in place and provides better assistance when chewing. Once teeth have been removed, the bone that supports these teeth starts to erode.

The bone and tGrandpaGrandDaughter.jpgeeth help to keep some of the parts of our face in the right place. When teeth are lost, the face alters because of the movement that is taking place beneath the skin. A set of dental implants can assist in slowing down this process and keep our face and jaw healthy and looking young.

Dental implants take on the role of pushing on the bone in a way that is quite similar to how natural teeth act. Even though they are not true teeth, they are probably the closest you can get to natural teeth when compared to all other sorts of dental reconstructions. A dental implant provides the stimulation that the bone requires to stay intact.

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